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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Boy boy boy!!

I honestly can't believe that I have not blogged forever. I am such a facebooker, but yet I check "my blogs" every single day, and yet mine still stays un-written on for almost 3 months. That's pathetic! Haha. Well a lot sure has happened since the beginning of May. We did find out we are having a BOY!! We are so thrilled, and I knew it all along that it was going to be a boy. :) I immediately went out and bought five pairs of shoes, and a good little selection of baby clothes. Let's just say he is gonna be a good lookin' dude and will be dressed a lot like Ty! We have decided on the name Cohen Tyler Cima. When we were dating, we loved to watch the show "The OC". There is a character on there named Seth Cohen, but most people call him Cohen, and ever since then we've just liked it. We've definitely got a lot of comments about it being an interesting name, but we love it and are so excited for him to join our family. As we get thinking about the holidays coming up, we are anxious to have the little guy here to join in on all the fun we're having. I know life will change dramatically, but still a real baby of my own, is what I've been waiting my whole life for. I've always had a love for kids and have loved being around them, and now as hard as it may be, I'm going to finally have my own!! Ty is so funny, he gets nervous but yet so excited at times. He'll just randomly say "I'm gonna be a dad!" or "Can't wait to our little guy gets here." Little do we both realize, we're both going to enter a world of unknown. Both our families are very excited as well. It will be the first grandchild on Ty's side, and second on mine, but first boy!

It's been a very fun summer so far. In June we were able to go to Jackson Hole with Ty's family for a weekend. We went river rafting (I only went on the calm one, while everyone else was able to go on the white water one). We also walked around downtown Jackson which was a lot of fun. On Monday, we head up to Bear Lake for the annual Stone family vacation. We always look forward to it and are going to enjoy our last year up there being without children! Ty went up with us when we were dating two summers ago, and was unable to go last year because of school :( so I'm glad he can make it up this year! In August, we'll head to California with the whole Cima clan and Ty's mom's whole side of her family. We're going to Capri by the Sea. But of course we have to hit up Disneyland and Sea World. After we return, we'll be done with trips for a while and will start counting down the days til Cohen gets here!!

Well I'm the writer, and Ty is the picture poster, so I'll have him do that for me and you can see random pics of this summer!! Bye for now!