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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby Cima!!

Well most of you have already heard the news, WE'RE HAVING A BABY!! We are so excited to become parents. Our little baby is due October 5th, 2011! The general vote is that it's a boy, but we will wait and see. At first I really wanted a girl, so I convinced myself it was a boy. But this being our first, I decided I think I'll be happy either way as long as it's healthy. I also thought something cool about it being a boy. Tyler's dad is the only son, and Tyler is the only son and so hopefully we have at least one son so that the Cima last name can be carried on!! We actually find out what we're having on my birthday (May 18th). What a fun way to celebrate! We both took the day off work and are gonna do a little baby shopping after the ultrasound. We feel very blessed to have gotten this baby so quick, although not so blessed that I've been so sick. That's definitely not the fun part!! I've even tried several different medications that have not even touched my nausea. But I'd do anything for this cute little baby we're gonna have! And I think Ty will too! Poor guy has probably felt like he hasn't had a wife the past month or so. I can't do dishes without throwing up, or even go into the kitchen for that matter. He has to get me my breakfast every morning and basically fend for himself when it comes to meals. But he is SO supportive, and I am very appreciative of that! I am now 13 weeks along and feelin huge already. I told Tyler I'm not allowing him to take any pics til I'm 3 months and then we'll MAYBE do every month from then on.

We told our families at 9 weeks because it was getting way too hard to hide the sickness without people noticing. We recently bought a cute little video camera and thought it would be fun to record their reactions. So enjoy!

Telling the Stone Family

Telling the Cima Family